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Premier Does...

There's no shortage of antivirus options out there tho choose from. The prices run the gamut from free to quite costly. While free is always nice, the old adage holds true; you get what you pay for. However the price paid for inadequate viruse protection could be quite steep. At Pinnacle we see first hand the devastation that can be caused when a virus infects a comptuer, if left uncheck it could cause loss of data, equipment downtime, and costly repairs. With the price and availability of Pinnacle Premier Protecty, why take the chance.
What Sets Premier Apart?
Most antivirus programs work the same way. They download a massive database with all known virus file names. Then they do a scan of your PC and compares every file on your PC against every file in the database. With hundreds of thousands of files on your PC and in the database it can take a considerable amount of time. Typically virus scans can take an hour or more, however the average time it takes Pinnacle Premier Protection is 90 seconds.
How Do They Do That?
Premier uses a new approach to virus protection called Behavior Scanning. Much different than the Pattern Scanning that we just talked about, Behavior Scanning monitors your PC for suspicious activity, such as deleting or encrypting data, modifying the registry, or attempting to send a rogue email. Not only does this drastically reduce scan times, but it also makes Premier most effective against Day 0 Attacks. These attacks happen when a new virus is introduced to the web and the usual antivirus programs don't have record of them in their database. You cant block what your don't know about, so many users are infected. premier will block a virus based on its behavior, whether that virus has been in existence for an hour or a year.
Its A Hit!
Surprisingly, one of our customers favorite features of Premier is the fact that it never expires! With other antivirus programs, its very easy to miss the email or the little notifications that your year of coverage is up. With that when your coverage is up you lose protection. With Premier, as long as you pay your quarterly or annual bill(The choice is yours) your coverage never expires.(Never)

What Premier knowns, we know.
The longer a virus hangs around the more damage it does. Wouldn't it be nice to know when a virus has taken up residence on your hard drive? With Premier, we know! If Premier picks up a virus during its daily scan of your PC it immediately sends an alert email to the support personnel at Pinnacle. Most times the threat has been removed even before we are  able to log into our monitoring console. If its a particularly stubborn virus we can issue extensive cleanup commands right from out desk. In the rare case that the virus STILL wont leave we have a host of support personnel who will not tire until the threat is removed and your PC and data are safe once again.
Dollars & Sense
this all sounds grand, but what does it cost? We've priced Premier quite reasonably. whether you're protecting a PC, or a Server, your cost is $5 per month, per device. This includes behavior scanning, monitoring, never-ending protection, everything mentioned on this page and quite a bit more. Sounds too good to be true? We've taken a "law of pennies: approach to Premier. We're not out to make a killing on every PC that uses Premier. Rather we're content to make a little on each one, confident that once you try premier you'll tell your friends, and those friends will tell their friends, and on it goes. If after all this and you still have questions, feel free to give us a call @(814) 623-8847 or stop by at 102 East Pitt Bedford. Were here to help!